BNW 2016 Hybrid

  • Published on: 10-01-2018



The spectrum of luxury automakers runs from the comfort minded to the performance oriented. BMW has long prided itself on leaning toward the performance end of things, signified by its “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan. But what happens when a performance-luxury brand takes the best efforts of its past and combines it with the drivetrain of the future? You have the 2016 BMW ActiveHybrid 5.

The ActiveHybrid 5 maintains the style and driving dynamics of the iconic BMW 5 Series and combines it with a hybrid drivetrain. In fact, BMW’s hybrid equation is itself a blending of new and old, with electric components added to the venerable straight-six engine that has long been the 5 Series’ hallmark.

Despite the unique fuel-saving tech found under the hood, you may have a hard time telling the difference between the conventionally powered 535i and ActiveHybrid 5. From the iconic, twin-kidney grille to the Xenon adaptive self-leveling headlights to the V-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels right down to the dual exhaust, the cars look nearly identical. Were it not for the “ActiveHybrid 5” on the C-pillar and rear trunk decklid, you would not be able to distinguish the 535i from the hybrid version of the 5 Series.



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